Jonathan Leaves for Colombia

Click to listen to Jonathan’s farewell talk.
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Michael is Back!!

Michael landed back in Italy this morning. His second Tour of Duty in Afghanistan is now completed!! The “Man” has returned once again thankfully in one piece!! Congratulations Michael!
Michael and Giovanna

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Cindy Loves being a Grandma!


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Jonathan is Going to The Colombia Medellin Mission!

He is scheduled to Enter the Colombia MTC on March 13, 2013.

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Conquest of Mount Olympus.

Why is it that after a grueling 4,000 foot vertical climb, Cindy looks like she’s just having a leisurely picnic browsing a few messages on her iPhone while I’m flat on my back.

Although not before Liz and I took a couple of minutes for the Triumphal Summit Photo shoot.

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40th High School Reunion

This month we held our 40th High School reunion of the Mighty Highland High School Rams – Class of 1972. We had good attendance, especially from the old Parleys 6th Ward guys pictured below.
I don’t recall a photo ever having been taken of us all before. However, I did find one photo taken 50 years ago when some of us were in the Parleys 4th Ward just a year or two before the 6th Ward was created. There are, however, only four of us in both photos. The challenge for you is to find the four of us in the photo taken fifty years later. Good Luck!

Top L to R, Brian Thomas, Joe Toronto
Bottom L to R, Bob Jenson, Paul Henderson

There is one other high school era photo of four of us (a different four). Same challenge, but I bet this one is easier. Again, Good Luck and Enjoy!

Bob Jenson, Dennis Reese, Joe Toronto, David Reese

And for the record, I got a chance to meet again … and talk to… and actually get an actual hug from my High School crush. She and I went on a couple of dates way back then, including the Junior Prom, but that was about all my courage could muster at the time.

Overall, it was a great reunion.

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Aaron, You’re a Wild One.

Aaron made this video of his various adventures in his life. He’s very adventurous and the video is pretty cool.

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Asher Update: He’s Getting Bigger and Cuter.

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This year we were able to take our first ever foreign vacation *ever*. We got to go to Italy, thanks to Michael for being stationed in the military there and even more thanks to his lovely Italian wife Giovanna for also being there and for also being Italian. We were able to spend two weeks visiting Venice, Rome, Florence, Verona etc. etc. and we utterly enjoyed every single minute of it. While in Rome, we were able to meet up with my sister Sally and her husband Ken for lunch. Sally and Ken were on a Mediterranean cruise at the time. Since none of us would have working cell phones, we simply decided weeks beforehand to meet at a predetermined time and spot (the Pantheon). It worked! We had a fun lunch nearby and did some additional sightseeing together.

Rather than bore you with more photos from the most photographed country in the world, here’s just a couple that should give you an idea that we really did have an absolute blast!

While in Modena, we took a tour of the Mazerati and Ducati factories, *PLUS* I actually got to sit in an actual Lamborghini!

You should know that Lamborghini actually got its start making tractors. It sorta makes you wonder why we never see any exotic John Deere race cars.

And of course, we couldn’t leave you without the obligatory photo of “David”, which I might add, is truly and utterly breathtaking and awe-inspiring when you see him in person.

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New Family Photos


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