40th High School Reunion

This month we held our 40th High School reunion of the Mighty Highland High School Rams – Class of 1972. We had good attendance, especially from the old Parleys 6th Ward guys pictured below.
I don’t recall a photo ever having been taken of us all before. However, I did find one photo taken 50 years ago when some of us were in the Parleys 4th Ward just a year or two before the 6th Ward was created. There are, however, only four of us in both photos. The challenge for you is to find the four of us in the photo taken fifty years later. Good Luck!

Top L to R, Brian Thomas, Joe Toronto
Bottom L to R, Bob Jenson, Paul Henderson

There is one other high school era photo of four of us (a different four). Same challenge, but I bet this one is easier. Again, Good Luck and Enjoy!

Bob Jenson, Dennis Reese, Joe Toronto, David Reese

And for the record, I got a chance to meet again … and talk to… and actually get an actual hug from my High School crush. She and I went on a couple of dates way back then, including the Junior Prom, but that was about all my courage could muster at the time.

Overall, it was a great reunion.

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